About Us

At Peake Wellness Center strives to be experts in our field to BEST serve our patients by providing a healing environment through a variety of HEALTH CARE services, we inspire LIFE AT ITS PEAK!

Peake Wellness Center is an all-encompassing wellness facility designed with all of your HEALTH care needs under one roof! Chiropractic, massage, nutrition, foot detox, and weight loss. Each patient is treated as an individual person. We are dedicated to making each case our upmost priority to ensure that you get the best wellness results possible.

All Peake Wellness Providers Agree:

  • Serving our patients comes first! Over outside circumstances, our own schedules and even money our goal is to serve those who we are called to help.

  • Supporting each other through teamwork is a priority. Your case is never alone at Peake Wellness, you can trust the experts to explore every possible avenue of health care available to ensure that you get the best possible solutions.

  • Growth is essential to make a difference. Our goals are to help as many people as possible to change the way we view ‘health care.’

Why Choose Us

At Peake Wellness Center you have a group of experts at your fingertips. From chiropractic for your pain and nervous system needs to nutrition for all your healthy eating questions.

  • Dr. Peake is a dedicated chiropractor to making a difference for each patient.
  • Javier, Laura and Tina are all highly skilled massage therapists with a variety of talents that are sure to give the relief massage promises.
  • Our nutritionist, Jen, is excellent with weight loss, hormone balancing, digestive issues, and helping with any other nutritional questions you may have. Jen will even come with you to the grocery store and help you navigate through the do's and don'ts.

Our Providers

Alexia Peake D.C.


Laura Natividad


Jen Granlund


Tina Zilmer



Amazing wellness center, Dr Peake loves her job and it shows! Fantastic staff, peaceful office and effective treatment options. I'm so happy to have finally found this place and a Chiro who can fix my hips/ low back issues. Best in town or anywhere!

Dr. Peake has been a God send, for my family! She has helped us, with so many structural and physical ailments that we've had. Things that our primary docs have only prescribed medications for and left it at that. We love Dr. Peake!

Dr. Peake is a phenomenal chiropractor! I have battled SI/hip issues for ten years (post injury) and she has not only relieved my chronic pain, but gotten me to hold my adjustments well enough that I am training for a half marathon! It's been a long time since I've been able to run. Her technique and attention to detail is paramount, and the rest of the staff at Peake Wellness are knowledgeable, helpful and so friendly. I'm so grateful I found them!

Dr. Peake is amazing and it's great to know that she truly cares about her patients and their well being. The massage therapist are also amazing. This is the place to go for a DEEP pressure massage and a grade A plus body alignment!

After visiting many chiropractors, Dr. Peake was the first to be able to successfully relieve my lower back and hip pain long-term. She is absolutely wonderful!

Fantastic staff, peaceful office and effective treatment options